Jura X6 espressomaskine set fra siden og front
Jura X6 espressomaskine set fra forsiden
Jura X6 espressomaskine display
Jura X6 espressomaskine kaffebønne beholde som er låsbar
Jura X6 espressomaskine set fra bagsiden
Jura X6 espressomaskine vandtank og vist med tilbehør

Jura X6 espresso machine


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Jura X6 espresso machine is a robust professional solution for black coffee and hot water for tea. If you need a coffee machine that prepares black coffee, professionally made pots of coffee and hot water in two different temperatures for tea, the Jura X6 is the ideal solution.

Its easy-to-understand operating concept is especially useful when it is used as a self-service solution for staff or guests.

On the Jura X6, all speciality coffees can be moved to a different position on the display.

With its large water tank and a sturdy fresh water kit which can be added on after installation, the Jura X6 is equally suitable for mobile use or use in a fixed location.

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